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Reviewed Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) Release Preview


This is the worst thing microsoft has ever put out. I tried the developer ver and hoped maybe it would improve. That hope is now dead. its harder to use than anything I've ever seen, everything is hidden, nothing works like you would... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Their big mistake was changing stuff that didnt need changed, and ignoring all the things that DID. Wheres the ability to disable those retarded hotkeys that F up everything you typed?? Why is everybody copying Chrome, the browser that does... Read full review

Reviewed WOT for Firefox 20171003

A nice addon, even for net-savvy surfers who can generally smell a rat in short order. At the very least it arms you with information you wouldn't have otherwise.

Oh, and GAWD21, you're really shooting for Troll of the Year, ain'tcha? You... Read full review

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