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Reviewed Malwarebytes for Windows

I don't see any ads for competing software. Nor am I a troll. Some people are just honest and smart enough to know crap when they see it. I'm sorry you're not. Read full review

Reviewed Event Log Explorer 5.0 Beta 2

You really need to be clueless to like Nirsoft's MyEventViewer. It doesn't even display events properly; many of them don't show at all in the content pane, or only have a tiny bit of random text that show there. It's also lacking many of the... Read full review

Reviewed Malwarebytes for Windows

This software is garbage. The prior reviews are correct in that annoying bugs persist over many months. The poorly-named "malicious website blocking" feature is really designed to block P2P software, and it often fails to work. They refuse to fix... Read full review

Reviewed mIRC 7.63

The GUI has some stupid things going on, but it's stable and reliable. Read full review


People complain about it, but it's still the most reliable BT software, for me at least. It works fine on the new version of TvTorrents.com which is Shazbat.tv. Read full review

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