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Reviewed K9 1.28

I have used this program for quite a few years it is by far the best spam filter around especially if the "use black hole" option is invoke.

However it badly needs updated and modernised to self-install on Thunderbird.
It will work with... Read full review

Reviewed MozBackup (Mozilla Backup) 1.5.2 Beta 1

Very useful program but looking dated, to get best use of it customise its' .ini file.
I wish the .ini file offered more options to enable backup profiles to be pre-set up for non techie users.

Be aware it will only restore to the same... Read full review

Reviewed Avira Free Antivirus 15.0.2009.1690

I have used various Avira AV products for some years.
A robust AV solution that has an interface that dosen't look like something from a 1980s spectrum. However I would strongly recommend buying the Premium version.
On the free and trial... Read full review

Reviewed Cobian Backup

I have used Cobian Backup since the early versions and it has saved my bacon on more than a few occaisions. Week in week out Cobian Backup performs unattended scheduled backups via FTP to a pair of cheap as chips LANS Disks without any... Read full review

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