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Reviewed gdipp (32-bit) 0.8.1 Beta

As is mentioned in changelog it no longer works in XP, not that it was ever intended to anyway. But anyway this is brialliant app, and I will continue to use version 0.7.6 on my XP boxes, and newer releases on my 7. Read full review

Reviewed Drupal 9.4.8

Both tar (file format) and gzip (compression tool) are cross-platform. And if your Windows archiver cannot handle .tar.gz file, then you are using oboslete software.

And giving something negative score just because you have no idea how to use... Read full review

Reviewed 7-Zip 23.01

Dead end, eh?! Riiight...

So that is why Adobe switched compressing its CS from WinRAR to 7-Zip, and Microsoft adopted 7-Zip for its Silverlight distribution?

This would be more authoritative place for compression ratings, where 7-Zip isn't... Read full review

Reviewed DiskCryptor 1.1.846.118

Finally! Something that can fully encrypt drives other than the system one (that is, as in not creating container for the size of a drive)! Good job! *Goes away to encrypt me portable USB HDD* :P Read full review

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