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Reviewed Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID Driver (32-bit)

Not exactly news or beta. This 12.9 has been out since December '13. Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft .NET (v4) 4.8.1

BetaNews apparently has not done its homework. This program is NOT for Windows 8; that OS already includes 4.5 Framework, and the installer will tell you so if you try. Read full review


Really, BetaNews? Advertising this on March 30th, when it came out the first week of February with the same version number? Way to stay "current". Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Internet Explorer Platform Preview 10.0 Platform Preview (2.10.8103.0)

No telling what addon from IE 8 was causing a problem, but when I installed IE 9 beta 1, nothing but a constant circle of "Internet Explorer has stopped responding". Never opened a web page one time. Useless. Read full review

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