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Reviewed G DATA CLEAN UP 1.0.15350

Ran the program and was told it found nothing unwanted.
The scan took about 5 minutes which seems quite good but, I suppose that depends on how good its database is.
While it did seem to run well it could really do with some sort of indication... Read full review

Reviewed HDDExpert

Didn't get as far as installing the program. BE WARNED - it tries to install malware etc at the same time and even if you uncheck it, it then installs more crap with the usage agreement.
Do us all a favour Betanews by deleting it from your listings. Read full review

Reviewed PC Services Optimizer 4.0.1047

Ok it does the job it says but mess with your services at your own peril.
However the main reason I would recommend for missing this is that it wants to add so many other programs that you definitely do not want.
I hate to criticise freeware but... Read full review

Reviewed USB Safeguard 8.3.1

Downloaded it.
1. only works from the usb stick itself
2. only works if your usb stick is formatted to NTFS - who in their right mind would use ntfs on a small memory stick. It will however format it for you. Beware though, if you have valuable... Read full review

Reviewed DDownloads 3.07.1357

I downloaded this expecting very little, however, I was very pleasantly surprised.
It has long lists of software nicely divided in to various categories. Its simple and straight forward ( like me ) to use. Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Flash Player for Windows (Internet Explorer)

I run a computer business and like it or not, I install Adobe Flash Player on my customer's machines.
However, what really annoys me is trying to get the offline loader for it. Every time a new version is released I have to search high and low... Read full review

Reviewed OEM Brander

I have been using winbubble for W7 and Vista and manually doing XP branding. Thought I would try this as it claims to do all three operating systems. Just tried it on a Windows 7 and a Vista machine and it worked perfectly with the added bonus... Read full review

Reviewed Unstoppable Copier for Windows 5.2

I tried this out on an old disk which couldn't be read in the CD Rom drive and it managed to recover nearly everything. Going on that, the software appears to deliver what it should.
P.S. I normally dont criticise people who leave comments on... Read full review

Reviewed CyberDefender AntiSpyware 2.0

Was going to try it as it said it was Freeware. Dont know if anyone checks the programs before listing but, this is not freeware ! Didnt check the program because of this but cannot see any reason to pay when there are so many good freeware progs... Read full review

Reviewed Panda Free Antivirus 20.0.1

This is a very good program with even further potential for improvement. HOWEVER, until release 1.00 all you had to do was install it and away it went. Now, to install it you need to submit an email address and password then verify by clicking on... Read full review

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