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Reviewed Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

Running Win10 64, Malwarebytes 2.1 Premium. Anti Exploit installs but shuts down IE browser. Edge seems to work but I still like IE. I tried running Malwarebytes 3.0. Same thing, it killed IE. I think this version of Anti Exploit is built into MB... Read full review

Reviewed Core Temp 1.18

Well done, ver 1.1 works great, all info for my setup is correct and settings are saved. 5930@4114 Great little utility. Read full review

Reviewed Avast Antivirus Free 22.4.7175

I can find no fault with Avast. I am running Win10 and it has performed perfectly. The logo in the tray flashes when it is scanning, checks Email scans at boot, web pages, I like it better than the stock Win Defender. Read full review

Reviewed Zoom Player MAX (Beta) 19.0 Beta 6

I tried the latest and could not get it to play a Blue Ray from a folder. I don't think it even played from the drive I liked the interface of Zoom but I went back to VLC which runs perfectly. Win10 64, 5930, 1080 SC. Read full review

Reviewed nVIDIA GeForce Drivers for Windows 536.23

Running a 2011-3, 980 and Win10 64. I just ran a quick test with FM 06. Used DDU to do a clean install on each driver. 365.19 worked better for me.

368.22 35k plus change
365.19 36k plus change Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows 10 Final (Official Release)

Disappointed, Yep. Bloated adware POS. Edge is useless, don't care about Xbox garbage, Cortana or what ever they call it, WTF? Did the morons at M$ even listen to any of the complaints they got regarding Win8. I like 8.1 better than this dog. If... Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Flash Player for Windows (Internet Explorer)

POS I refuse to install this garbage on my system. All it wants to do is save files to your HD when looking at Flash web sites. The "Allow or Deny" window popup crap, Click on deny and you go nowhere.. Read full review


Had a little problem getting it to work in Win8.1. Messed around with the config settings in EagleGet and it and it started working. I liked it in Win 7 looks like it will be a keeper in Win8. Read full review

Reviewed Internet Download Manager 6.41 Build 11

I don't know, EagleGet is free and does pretty good. Has the same download capabilities and video capture. Read full review

Reviewed IObit Driver Booster

Worked pretty good for me. Win7 64, x79. Found 5 out of date on my personal system and 4 on my other one. Fast and no screw ups. Read full review

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