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Reviewed digsby Build 92

5 indeed. Read full review


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Read full review

Reviewed Piggly 1.11

As an ex hardcore gamer and now casual player, this game fares like this to me:

+ Extremely cute
+ Extremely easy to learn but..
+ ..quickly requires both brains and practical skill to complete levels
+ Nice score and sounds
+ Quick loading... Read full review

Reviewed Trillian for Windows

You had a point with that Duke Nukem remark there. This app is dead before it's out of beta because of the many great website-services that does what Trillian does and more with more intuitive interfaces and that are entirely free forever. No... Read full review

Reviewed Monster 2 for Windows 2.0

Original and interesting story! The music is great. Reminds me of the first and only Final Fantasy game that didn't suck; Mystic Quest, which i never beat but played from the beginning over and over because of the rich yet simple story alone.... Read full review

Reviewed webcamXP

- Windows SEVEN please!
- Many parts of the interface is very un-intuitive and takes luck figuring out. Read full review

Reviewed R-Studio for Windows 8.15 Build 180125

This is the ONLY recovery application of all the dozens i've tried that first of all doesn't make me feel like a total idiot using it, and that actually DOES find all those lost files with a simple and very quick scan of the drive, which presents... Read full review

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