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Watchlisted Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Windows

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox (Beta) 104.0 Beta 7

Australis, yeah. Read full review

Reviewed Beyond Compare 4.3.7 Build 25118

Almost perfect in almost every aspect and constantly improving! Read full review

Reviewed WebStorm for Windows 10.0 Build 141.318 RC

This is by far the best PHP IDE on the market and I've tried them all. If you use their EAP program (download pre-beta releases), you can keep it perpetually free, though I did buy it, just to show my gratification.

EDIT: ok, I was talking of... Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed XFilesDialog 5.10.239

Laughably bad. The application interface is even worse than their site and it's a quite expensive shareware.

Though supported on win7 now, it still uses XP buttons, which look bad even on XP. Ungh. Read full review

Reviewed 4t Tray Minimizer Free 6.07

This is actually an excellent piece of software, integrates seamlessly. looks good, no bugs so far. Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Reader Lite

Displays pdf much more elegantly and is more user friendly than foxit. Read full review

Reviewed Fresh UI 8.85

Even the publisher's page spams your browser with javascript alerts if you try to close the site. Read full review

Reviewed TeraCopy 3.7

This is a must on any Windows OS, any further reviews are unnecessary. Read full review

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