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µTorrent is the best BitTorrent client, IMHO. Admittedly, I was happier when µTorrent wasn't owned by BitTorrent but it's still excellent.

That said, the link provided here for the version listed by BetaNews is inaccurate. The version is... Read full review

Reviewed Malwarebytes for Windows

I'm giving version 2 a rating of 3 right now. I ran version 1 and had zero issues. I ran seamlessly and just worked. This new version has a UI that I am not a fan of, feels sluggish and clunky to me, and stopped responding after opening it the... Read full review

Reviewed OpenVPN 2.4.8-I601

The 64-bit release of 2.3.1 doesn't work on my Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 system. I cannot connect to any VPN servers. I reverted back to 2.3.0 x64 and I'm back up and running.

Giving this 2.3.1 release a 1 rating at this point. If it doesn't... Read full review

Reviewed OpenVPN 2.4.8-I601

The software, itself, is 100% freeware. You can use it with any VPN service or VPN setup that supports OpenVPN.

I've been running the v2.3 alphas and RCs for awhile and now have v2.3 installed. Working just fine without any issues. Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

v7.0.7.0 has been released. Read full review

Reviewed Apple AirPort Utility for Windows 6.1

There is no v6 version of the utility for Windows available as of yet. No mention on the Apple website, either. The download link is for the previous v5.5.3.2 version for Windows. For the control it gives you over the devices it is designed for I... Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

Great product which, as usual, is given poor ratings by trolls.

Let's correct a few mistakes. AnyDVD does not cost 152 USD to just decrypt DVDs. AnyDVD HD which supports DVD, Blu-ray, and HD-DVD is 152.168 USD. If someone just wants AnyDVD for... Read full review

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