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uTorrent was once good, but now they have turned it into a profit monster. Greed has shaken this ill program and I would strongly recommend against using it. I have voiced my complaints at their forum only to be banned. You can read my full review... Read full review

Reviewed FeelHome

This works some what similar to a lot of remote programs already out there . Doesn't quite have all the features but close.. I think that this will be good once it's been further developed. As of right now comparing it to ghost ( ),... Read full review

Reviewed Speccy 1.32.803

Very primitive compared to PC wizard.

Would be interesting to see what they add to Speccy. I'll check back later and see how it compares to pcwizard on next release. Read full review

Reviewed XZ-B-ONE 1.0

I like them. Doesn't slow my system down, easy to setup via the mouse setting in control panel. Looks great. 5 star, if you could include an installer that would be perfect. Maybe use the nullsoft installer it's free. Read full review

Reviewed Klipfolio Dashboard for Google Analytics 5.4

Program does what it says. It shouldn't be classified as freeware though. I did notice on the page it says 15 day trial. So it is kind of misleading. Software has a long disclaimer before the install. Passed AVG virus scanner, and windows... Read full review

Reviewed AVG Anti-Virus Free 2019 v19.1.3075

I've been using AVG for years now. It is the only anti virus I will advise my clients to use. Doesn't slow down any of the machines I run it on, and it doesn't put nasty files in every directory like norton products. Read full review

Reviewed Fences

This program does what it says. Doesn't lag my system like the way windows does. I have tons of icons on there and not an ounce of lag. It is really amazing!
It doesn't really resemble a fence though, I'd call it something else... Read full review

Reviewed Light Artist 1.5

does what it says. contains installer for web photo album, dangerous site. program it self gives you nag screen on exit. photoshop works just as good, Read full review

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