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Reviewed MediaCoder 0.8.63

The gui of this app was always awfull as it depended on firefox and started browser installs.
This version not even runs, no matter if i click on xulrunner or not in the installer.
I have firefox installed for testing, but this programm silently... Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed DirectX Redistributable 9.29.1974

@PagingDrLeoMarvin: So youre giving it a bad rating cause it isn't opensource?
Please don't troll around here PagingDrLeoMarvin.

DirectX is a set of good quality librarys... deserves a 5. Read full review

Reviewed Serv-U 15.2.0

$500-$111,000 a year for 1 to unlimited servers a year is simply crazy...
The old versions where good... the new ones get more bloated and overpriced each and every version...

I don't like this version anymore... Read full review

Reviewed 7-Zip 24.06

Simply the best... Read full review

Reviewed MediaCoder 0.8.63

MediaCoder is nice but i hate that it uses clunky mozilla gui things and often opens webbrowsers on start or button clicks. Read full review

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