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i haven't been able to run canary or betas since december. it worked fine, then one day canary wouldn't load pages anymore. i've read a lot of forums, some peeps have the same problem, some don't. perplexing. Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Camera Codec Pack (x64) 16.4.1899.0416

yes! i had noticed raw files weren't showing up in windows explorer, but i had slacked and forgotten all about it. viola! with this codec pack, raws are showing up again. thanks! Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

1307? that is so 37 seconds ago. latest wahoo build is 1312. (8 Read full review

Reviewed Pale Moon 31.0.0

a thousand apologies for not remembering which, i installed pale moon on a 32 bit system and a 64 bit system. one or the other smoked, while one was comparable to the nightly. but try it, you may be very pleasantly surprised. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

1065 has been out for a whole day. someone at betanews is slackin'! by far and away the best browser. Read full review

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