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Reviewed Apple iTunes for Mac OS X 12.8.3

Why is that difficult to have always English version of the international iTunes music stores? Because apple is afraid that the native customers will use the English version to bypass the promotions in the native language? There've been numerous... Read full review

Reviewed Skype for Mac OS X 7.18.342

Minor fixes in the user interface, but the same mess. They don't seem to get it. Until they do, I will stick to the version 2.8.

In the mean time I'd recommend the Skype UI "designers" to read the Apple's Mac OS X Human Interface Guidelines as... Read full review

Reviewed Skype for Mac OS X 7.18.342

The user interface of the beta sucked so badly, that i didn't want to look further for bugs. Please Skype, fix this mess first! Read full review

Reviewed Miro for Mac OS X 6.0

It eventually erases everything the user stores in irs "library". Waste of time. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Thunderbird (Beta) 104.0 Beta 2

Better than Mail.app Read full review

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