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Reviewed Apple iTunes for Windows

A friends CDROM drive stopped working after installing iTunes. Go figure. After some digging, the problem was traced down to GEARAspi.dll which was installed by iTunes. A lengthy manual removal (which involved editing the registry and setting some... Read full review

Reviewed Norton Security 2017 v22.9.1.12

Can't even download it. So I signed up to download the trial, and this is what I get:

"We are sorry that we are unable to process your request for Symantec beta products at this time. Symantec screens orders to ensure Symantec does not export... Read full review

Reviewed Autoruns 14.09

Autoruns v9.5: This update to Autoruns, a powerful autostart manager, adds display of audio and video codecs, which are gaining popularity as an extension mechanism used by malware to gain automatic execution. Read full review

Reviewed Revo Uninstaller Free 2.3.8

The best uninstaller I've ever used; even better than Your Uninstaller and other commercial programs!

What makes it good is it's speed, and more importantly, accuracy. I've seen that more often than not, Revo is bang on the buck detecting... Read full review

Reviewed TestDisk for Windows 7.2 Beta

This new stable release version fixes
- the EXIF parser used by PhotoRec when Jpeg and Tiff files are found
- TestDisk EFI GPT partition backup Read full review

Reviewed Miranda IM 0.10.80

I can't understand why people keep comparing Miranda to Digsby, Trillian, Pidgin et al. I mean, sure, compare all you want, but why rate Miranda down just because it doesn't work according to *your* expectations? If Digsby/etc is working fine for... Read full review

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