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Reviewed AppCheck Anti-Ransomware

Just a Heads Up Guys.. I aint Testing It.

I'm Kinda Curious to See a Review of this App Tho.
How Free Is It.. Does it Contain Open Candy..??
I Fail to See The Sudden, Ahem... Appearance of It.
So Closely Following The Catastrophic May... Read full review

Reviewed fre:ac 1.1.6

Hats Off to Devs & Contributors Alike. Afraid the Flintstones
Nicked my A/v Converters years Ago... & WTF is a CD Ripper..??
Maybe A Big "Comeback" is Happening.. Can't wait for Win95... Yup. Win1895.

Absurd & 1* Read full review

Reviewed Free Audio Video Pack 2.23

Untested.. Simply because this app Is 15 years too Late. All the "Rock n Roll" Apps have Been Proven As have the Codecs. A new Player on the Scene when
All the Old Hands have Errrrrrrr, Kinda moved On, Is Like Trying to Give a Mangle
To a... Read full review

Reviewed MakeMKV for Windows 1.15.4

- Still Beta..??
- Still Shareware..??

Errrrr..AHEM......... 1* Read full review

Reviewed OpenShot for Windows 3.1.1

Hello "Some Guy"
Long Time Since I Reviewed an App With Your Remarks on Board.
Best Wishes for 17 My Friend..!!

VERY... Very Nice App.

With Excellent Features. Open Source, With Many Donators/Devs.
Unfortunately Tho.. This App Is Not... Read full review

Reviewed Revo Uninstaller Free 2.3.8

I have Never Used this App,, So Call this Post "Off Topic" Perhaps..!!

However.. I Live in a Very Close Community. My Very Good Friend
Has Installed this App on All his Families Systems... And 3 Systems
In this Vicinity.. He Swears by It, As... Read full review

Reviewed CCleaner for Windows 6.22.10977

Tested Over the Years... Used for Years by 5* Voters.
A Proven & Worthy App by Lots of the Guys @FFBeta.
I Gotta Say tho.. I Still Remove Some Elements Manually.. Habit..!!

I've got Some 12 Android (Boxes / S.Fones / Tablets) Blahhhhh.... Read full review

Reviewed NirLauncher 1.23.64

Grab this Package. Strip it Down. Anything Waving Flags.. Wellllllllll.
Do as You Will..!! @noobs. This Is One of the Best EVER packages to
Learn A Variety of Skills. & for the Hardened Crimi... errr I mean Users. Such a Montage of Universal... Read full review

Reviewed MKVToolnix 70.0.0

I Want to Thank the Dev for This Superb App. Brilliant in its Day..!!
Used Daily (Then). But Time Marches On.. Y E A H.. I know..hmfff.

Windows Apps are Far more Malleable But I crept Into Enigma2,
Then off at a Tangent into Android. Hence... Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Flash Player for Windows (Internet Explorer)

When I got TOTALLY fed up of All those Wretched Updates,
Sometimes Twice a Week ffs..!!
i Disabled Notifications, I just update "As & When" now.
I use it. But Only 2* for being Pushy. Read full review

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