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Reviewed TSR Watermark Image

@BANDIT and @smaragdus
You are both correct..unfortunately.
I too used this when it WAS a truly FREE for NON-COMM use, and it worked rather well.
BUT, after it went to basically a crippled demo, and decided to actually place its own watermark... Read full review

Reviewed Comodo Firewall

The UNIVERSAL installer is quite large. Approx. 219 Mb.
So, to the IDIOTS whining about the size, PLEASE learn to read the screens and do some research. The installer contains BOTH the AV and the FW. Along with a little "bloat" called GeekBuddy... Read full review

Reviewed Bvckup 2 v1.81.27.0

Just went to their site. This is just a PUBLIC beta.
Bvckup is NO LONGER actually free.
If you want to use it for Home, it is $20.
I still have the last release of the v1, so I will stick with it as it was TRULY FREE.
FileForum really need to... Read full review

Reviewed WinX DVD Ripper Platinum 8.5.0

First Off:
@Betanoob You are a total IDIOT.
You VERY obviously NEVER tried the program. I, on the other hand have. Got it FOR FREE during the 2013 Halloween Giveaway on their site.
It is an ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT program. It works wonderfully to... Read full review

Reviewed Comodo Antivirus

@some guy:
WHY? Do you call the full suite by Comodo "bloat"?
I installed it and am using the AV, FW, and HIPS, and the TOTAL memory used SYETM WIDE is MAYBE 180MB thatincludes the OS as well as all other items in memory.
So, I guess you have a... Read full review

Reviewed RegSeeker 4.7

Excellent program.Period.
ALWAYS has been excellent.
The programs does NOT "break computers", USERS break computer, especially users who KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE REGISTRY.
I have always had a basic principle, and have taught it to many.
And that... Read full review

Reviewed Advanced SystemCare Free

I have a good one for you. This is a DANGEROUS program. Why? you may ask, simple. I ran this on my Windows XP box, and after it "cleaned" my PC, I did a reboot. AND GOT THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE. My XP was now NO LONGER ACTIVATED. And I had 3 days to... Read full review

Reviewed System Explorer

I installed version 3.6.0 recently, and I have NOT noticed any "extras" being autoloaded at all. AND have scanned for malware and guess what? NOTHING!
Works VERY well, and is NOT infected...PERIOD. Read full review

Reviewed HWiNFO (Beta) 6.43-4385

Fantastic program. And YES, it does what it says, and YES it is COMPLETELY PORTABLE IF YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!
@jackmehoff: I agree. NOOBS are the only ones who will complain because they DO NOT read instructions and SETTINGS.

@Blaxima, and... Read full review

Reviewed Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2022.6.1.11516

I have been using this firewall for about the past 4 versions.
I dumped Comodo because it was WAY too bloated.
I personally CANNOT see why all thses people are complaining about this program "slowing their computer and internet down". I have an... Read full review

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