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Reviewed mIRC 7.63

An absolutely timeless piece of software, just like Total Commander Read full review

Reviewed Connectify 2020.1.1.40119

Pretty great. When it comes to virtual wifi, surely a #1 solution. Works on my Lenovo X1, where virtual wifi from a command prompt simply does not work Read full review

Reviewed mIRC 7.63

The figginBEST!!! Total Commander of IRC clients!
http://forums.mirc.com/u...topics/225704/mIRC_beta Read full review

Reviewed Unchecky 1.2

Simply magical... WOW! Read full review

Reviewed Total Commander (Beta) 10.51 RC2

Still great, but the new default font absolutely blows.
Sorry, but I'm back to Microsoft Sans Serif, 8, Bold.

P.S. Referring to that sucky change: "25.09.13 Added: Windows Vista or newer: Use "Segoe UI Semibold" as new default main window and... Read full review

Reviewed Total Commander (Beta) 10.51 RC2

It IS a freeware. If you don't buy a license, all you need to do at each start is to press either 1, 2, or 3. Other than this tiny annoyance there are NO limitations in the program. So it IS freeware.
But money-wise, it costs every... Read full review

Reviewed Total Commander (Beta) 10.51 RC2

After years and years and years, still the 3 words apply: perfect, must-have, timeless. Simply amazing. Read full review

Reviewed mIRC 7.63

Perfect. Has always been and always will be. Worth every single penny. This is Total Commander of IRC clients.
But yeah, if you're retarded, sure you can use HexChat or whatever else is there :| Read full review

Reviewed ExtractNow

One of those "I wish I could code something like this myself" applications. Small, simple, solves ONE need perfectly. Simply genius. A must-have. Read full review

Reviewed Radmin (Remote Administrator)

This product seems like a second job for its developer, but still this is the fastest (amazing speeds even on slowest of connections) remote admin program I've ever seen. VNC doesn't even come close, unfortunately. Read full review

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