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Reviewed Vuze for Windows

Although I personally use Vuze I couldn't care less about what bittorrent client you decide on using. But to make your decision based on a BT client's Search feature is crazy. You're crazy for doing searches on Public torrent sites.... Read full review

Reviewed Vuze for Windows

I just don't understand all the negativity about this program. I'm running just a regular i5 computer with 8 gigs of memory and I'm not seeing any of this slowness and CPU hogging that others write about. I do a fair amount of leaching and... Read full review

Reviewed PowerISO 8.1

No surprise here. Version 5.2 also has the AVG Search crap. Why do companies do this? I bought PowerISO awhile ago and I like the program but now I have to decide whether to keep using it. I don't trust them anymore. And any chance that I... Read full review

Reviewed JavaRa 2.6.1

Very confusing interface. You go to click on remove old versions and it tells you that its going to remove the newest version as well. There are three ways to check on which version you have with no recommendations as to which to use. Even... Read full review

Reviewed MediaInfo 23.04

Much ado about nothing. If you don't want OpenCandy just go to MediaInfo's website and download one of the "without installer" versions. Read full review

Reviewed GoodSync for Windows 11.5.3

I tried it out and liked it and bought it and used it for about 6 months. In all that time one thing irked me about the program - you had to manually go in and remove any time you had a condition where your source and destination files were both... Read full review

Reviewed Allway Sync 15.1.9

I took the time to read the EULA about the program being free after I downloaded the file to try out. It clearly states that if you process more than 40,000 files in a 30 day period you have to purchase the program. Knowing what I was going to... Read full review

Reviewed RoboForm 9.2.1

I'm not at all happy with their trickery. I bought version 6 in July. According to the site I could get a free upgrade to 7 if I bought after September 1st. I don't even get upgrade ability for a full year? I won't get into it here but I... Read full review

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