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Reviewed gdipp (32-bit) 0.8.1 Beta

@JeremyP, uninstall is where it is supposed to be - "Add or Remove Programs" (or whatever it's called in W7), and for W7/x64 you have to get 64-bit version. Read full review

Reviewed Google Translate Desktop 2.1.92

To author of software - you cannot legally call this software "Google Translate Desktop". This is a violation of a trademark. Replace word "Google" with some other name and then you will be fine. Only Google Inc. can have word "Google" on their... Read full review


Paranoics can just run UnChrome once, and it's done. No need to run any Iron. I'd rather benefit from Chrome's auto-aupdate feature. Read full review

Reviewed Lotus Symphony for Windows 1.3


And this makes sense,... how? Comparing to OO, MSO, or something else? Read full review


Site www.teamxbox.com opened for me on IE8 and Chrome at about the same speed. And it is nearly the best browser for me. Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit) Service Pack 2

donmor46, no Microsoft have not released it over and over again. In fact this is the first (and probably last, ie. SP2a) time SP2 is released to general public. What has been released before are release canidates, and one of these candidates... Read full review

Reviewed Intel Chipset Device Software 10.0.27

Unless you specifically know you need this, there is no point in installing this package, as little to no difference will be made and/or experienced. Read full review

Reviewed FreeArc for Windows 0.67 Alpha

dhry, people who are actually serious about compression tests, rank FreeArc higher than 7-Zip.


http://compressionratings.com/rating_sum.html Read full review

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