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Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Going to try the new beta out, was experiencing blue a few blue screens, nvidia driver crashing (latest one) which only happens when firefox 9 beta 5 was running, I'm guessing a bug with hardware acceleration. Read full review


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Reviewed Miro for Windows 6.0

Love it! They fixed the crash lingering since Vista and it runs very smooth and snappy now. My choice for watching Diggnation, Tekzilla and other shows.

No cons. Read full review


Chrome is Secure, Stable, Fast and has a lot of great extensions (Lastpass, Xmarks, Forecastfox, Adblock Plus etc.) Searching is super easy and painless,. Switched from Firefos and love it. Read full review

Reviewed GOM Media Player

Having been using Gom for awhile, very good media player that plays anything you throw at it, all in a very nice interface. No bugs that I can think of. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Pros: Rock Solid, Lightning fast (250% faster than 3.0 version), tracemonkey engine executes JavaScript fast as well, Private Browsing is awesome, tons of great new features and more granularity in privacy cleaning and the list goes on of all the... Read full review

Reviewed Vuze for Windows

Since Adobe Media Player is useless now Vuze offering gills the void, however it's sluggish. My suggestion is wait until Miro Player 2.5 is launched in the next upcoming days which features new optimzatons for speed and efficiency/... Read full review

Reviewed Spyware Terminator

I decided to give Spyware Terminator a chance and giving it another review. Turns out this release is very good, comes with HIPS and tons of options for geeks, detection seems much better. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Very fast, lots of new features and standards compliant, stable. Also can't wait for the RC! Read full review

Reviewed Spyware Terminator

Detection rate is bad, Just did not detect Spyware/Malware other products remove, Super Antispyware trumps this one.Gave 2 stars since there are worse products out there. Read full review

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