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Andy2004 - it doesn't "Update the database every time...", it uses the MFT(s). Which is why it is blindingly fast. Suggest a disk check Read full review

Reviewed aTunes 3.2.0 Beta

Requires Java, a major security hole. No thanks Read full review

Reviewed Music Label 2020.12

MediaMonkey for my 6TB+ music collection. Yet to find another analogous program that handles such a large collection so well. WMP can't even load it all. Read full review

Reviewed Core Temp 1.18


Yeah. It's really really hard clicking on the button that says

"Skip all free offers"

isn't it? Read full review

Reviewed Process Explorer 17.04

Kuhgi. Runs fine on this Win 7 64 bit machine, with admin privs. Indeed,.I have never had a problem running it. Sounds like your privileges are bunned. Read full review

Reviewed HostsMan 4.8.106

Crashes on Save. Read full review


They got a google toolbar yet? When they do, I'll use it. Made by Google is it? Well why no search toolbar?! Bonkers. Read full review

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