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Reviewed Winamp 5 Full v5.92 Build 10042

Seems Microsoft may be interested in buying it Read full review

Reviewed Balabolka

Fantastic, with this and the Ivona TTS "Amy UK" voice I can now listen to ALL my ebooks as audiobooks. 5 stars because it just works Read full review

Reviewed Bad Shortcut Killer 2.0

Adware, not freeware, tries to install 3 toolbars. The app works Ok, but doesn't include empty folders, so 3 stars overall Read full review

Reviewed Clover 3.1.2

another update to avoid, the clover/explorer window now stays underneath any current window & will ONLY come to front if you click the top nav-bar, clicking anywhere else does not bring the window to the front Read full review

Reviewed Clover 3.1.2

I'd advise NOT installing this update. Middle-click is badly needed, but this blew all my Fences icon-layout, away, killed my Actual WIndows 2nd taskbar on monitor 2, so I rebooted. All seemed Ok, but I'm getting unexplained lockups while running... Read full review

Reviewed Right Click Enhancer 4.5.6

Ignore the crapware, use the portable version :) Read full review

Reviewed ZenKEY 2.5.3

Works fine (Win 7 64),clever app, highly customizable, although at first glance the only "keystroke" I can see is alt-space to brin up the zen menu, from there on it's mouse selection Read full review

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