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Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 91.0.1

It may technically be the final build, but it still installs as a beta. This is confirmed by the "you are running a beta" welcome screen post-installation.

It's not "final" until it hits the main Mozilla download page. Read full review

Reviewed foobar2000 1.6.8 Beta 2

There are few things I can say this about with absolute conviction: This is the best of the best. Absolutely nothing can match it on features Read full review

Reviewed Process Explorer 16.43

Hah! They changed the default graph background color to white. Can't say they aren't responsive.

What an awesome program. Read full review

Reviewed Firefox Plumber

I'd actually be fine with this software if they didn't advertise it as "fixing all memory leaks" which it does NOT do. Firefox's occasionally "high" (relative to what?) memory usage is NOT the result of memory leaks. It's more or less normal... Read full review

Reviewed Process Explorer 16.43

One of the only truly great Windows utilities. Like said below: I can't imagine running Windows without it. Read full review

Reviewed Free HDD LED 2.01

Great little tool! And so tiny... Read full review

Reviewed Pale Moon 28.17.0

First off, I didn't have the stability and installation problems others have reported. I was easily able to transfer over all of my add-ons, bookmarks (yes, including the toolbar), settings, active tabs, etc. using the profile copying tool they... Read full review

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