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Reviewed Ad Muncher 4.94.34121

the price is what kills this its insane ,no thanks. when i mentioned in the uninstall note that i can use a good free adbocker and noscript to achieve the same results, i got a email reply of attack as to why this product is worth the price and is... Read full review

Reviewed Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

very sad , unity is horrid and always will be , i always loved the progression and boldness in change that ubuntu has always taken but this is a major step backwards , im sure of its all geared towards touch screen future but its gonna be a fail... Read full review

Reviewed BS.Player 2.75

All this BS is making my head spin i almost vomit !! .. looks like something you would use on windows 98 .. back in the good old crapware days .. there are really nice clean freeware alternatives like UMPlayer which will play anything you throw at... Read full review

Reviewed BurnAware Free (Beta) 14.3

I like the older UI layout better , but with that said its still free and works great ! Read full review

Reviewed AIMP 5.00 Build 2342

I am a long time user , once you get used to the sound quality you just can not use any other .. it gets better and better with each release .. Thank You for this great Free no bloat audio player ! its the best ! Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

browser shells are obsolete , IE Firefox Chrome , all have personal customization thru addons that just simply make shells like this of no use anymore. Read full review


good job google i didnt think there would ever be a browser that could compete with firefox much less out do it .. its a great browser my default for sure. Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

I used the original Maxthon for years but in reality browser shells are not even needed .. addons that allows you to choose what and what not functionality to suit your needs has made this obsolete my opinion , in fairness i tried the latest... Read full review

Reviewed Yahoo! Messenger for Windows 0.8.231

ads and ads and more ads .. they have bloated it with useless features .. added more ads .. and destroyed the chatrooms .. no thanks i don't even us it anymore or there email service. Read full review


I love it .. it has come along way in a short amount of time .. i been a strict firefox supporter and user for ever .. but this is my default browser for now .. loads up fast renders pages lightning fast .. uses way less memory doesn't crash often... Read full review

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