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Reviewed SimplyMEPIS Linux 11.9.60

Regrettably, Catchpole, your knowledge of Linux seems to be non-existent and your comments help no one save, perhaps, for making you look like a "big man" in, only, your own eyes. Bluntly you are nothing but a troll. Simply Mepis isn't a bad... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Thunderbird (Beta) 104.0 Beta 2

TB used to be my preference but having found it to take an age to open each and every time, crash far too often and use resources at a rate that made me wonder if a crash of the OS was in progress until I realised that TB was always the... Read full review

Reviewed Linux Reader 2.2

It does what it says it does but it's too limited as it won't manage ext4 file systems and Ubuntu (and other distros) are already moving towards ext4 releases...Karmik will use ext4 and jaunty can be configured to use it. Read full review

Reviewed WengoPhone for Windows 2.2 Alpha 2

Development hasn't stopped but the application has changed it's name and has evolved a fair bit too...see: Read full review

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