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Reviewed Adobe Reader Lite

Everyone whines about 20MB which is insignificant today, then compares it to Foxit. Well look at everything this can do and supports and compare to Foxit. There's a reason it's so small people. As for the Lite version, there's really no reason at... Read full review

Reviewed BurnAware Free 17.7

Works just fine. Obviously the person below was using cheap crappy discs and/or a crappy burner, or it was just plain "us3r error". Read full review

Reviewed KeePass Password Safe Classic Edition 1.42

Works ok, though I prefer fsekrit. Mostly I'm just surprised that the author didn't realize that "Keep Ass" might not be the best name to use. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Works perfectly fine, and not slow at all unless your computer sucks. Pay no attention to the nitwit trolls. Read full review


When you install Google Chrome it generates a unique ID for you and they collect usage information. Not a huge surprise though, Google tracks everything you do with their services. If Microsoft were doing this they'd be burned at the stake but... Read full review

Reviewed Safari for Windows 5.1.7

Too bad Google Chrome is spyware, but this is pretty bad too. When will Apple learn to stop trying to shove their stupid OS X interface onto Windows, it does not work. If you like Chrome get Chromium instead. It's the same browser but without all... Read full review

Reviewed GOM Media Player

I like it, the player is very lightweight and looks nice. I don't use the built in codecs so I don't install those, I use FFDshow instead. I've had no trouble playing anything so far. Read full review

Reviewed Dead Pixel Tester 3.00

Um yeah, I already have one of these. It's called Microsoft Paint. Seriously, you just need something to display the three solid colors on your screen and look for stuck or dead pixels. Usually you don't even need that, I mean if you have to go to... Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed PhotoFiltre 7.2.1

This is an excellent replacement for Windows Paint. So many more features and yet it starts up just as fast. Read full review

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