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Reviewed Norton AntiVirus

There was a time when Norton was ok but it was in the days of Windows 95/98 and since then it has been a piece of annoying virus software and useless too. Read full review

Reviewed ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.99.1

I've been using ClamWin for years now, and it's my one and only virus protection. ClamWin is not like all the other fancy virus programs who pops up all the time and tells you a lot of useless information. ClamWin only act when there really is... Read full review


I've been using Google Chrome since it came out, and I'll tell you I've never looked back ever since. It is without any doubt the best and most fast browser anyone can get, no waiting on pages to load it's just quick and sleek. So folks, you can't... Read full review

Reviewed FreeFixer 1.19

I hate to open a new installed program, just to see an error message, because then I know that somebody out there hasn't done their programming properly. To this program I can only say that it sucks, and I'm glad I got rid of this so back to... Read full review

Reviewed Wise Care 365 v6.3.6.614

I really like this program so I have thrown CCleaner out now. This is no bulls*** software and it works like intended. It has also become my favourite for cleaning my computer. I also like that it comes with no extra s*** like all the other... Read full review

Reviewed K-Lite Codec Pack Update 18.2.4

I've been using it for a long long time, and compared to all the other similar codec software, and believe me I've tried them all, K-Lite is KING, it always works nicely and without problems of any kind. So I can only rate as high as 5 I would... Read full review

Reviewed Norton AntiVirus

Norton has become a shadow of itself. It has become a very annoying piece of software wich I don't wanna pay a single coin for at all. And I can't give any rating at all because they don't deserve it. but anyway I have to rate or no review. I give... Read full review

Reviewed GParted 1.6.0-3

GParted works OK, I use on my Kubuntu and so far I haven't noticed any problemos. Read full review


I still don't care what version we came to, as longs as there is no other, believe me, no other browser out there that can deal with the speed of google chrome. I've tried them all old as new, beta and whatever browser you can name, I've tried... Read full review


They keep coming and it's fine for me. So far Google Chrome has been my first choice when it comes to browsers. I can only say that I have never had any trouble with Chrome ever, which I cannot say when we talk about all the other browser I have... Read full review

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