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Reviewed Calibre 6.0.0

Updated way too much? Seriously?? You aren't *required* to update, so what's the big deal? I applaud the developers for their weekly enhancement and bug-fix releases, and have donated to this great app. Read full review

Reviewed ScrabTrap for Windows 1.0.2 Beta

NOT freeware. Beta only, then it's $15.95 USD.
In other words, "Test it for us, then we can sell it." Read full review

Reviewed NirLauncher 1.23.64

A collection of very useful utilities, constantly updated. Thanks Nir! Read full review

Reviewed Calibre 6.0.0

@Blaxima, these new releases come out, almost without fail, weekly. You can check the change log to see if there's anything that floats your boat. If not, keep the version you're using. To b**** about too many updates is insane.

And BTW,... Read full review

Reviewed Calibre 6.0.0

Just keeps getting better. I can't imagine trying to manage a huge ebook collection without Calibre. The recent interface tweaks are welcome too.
Unbelievable to read a whine about "too many incremental updates". The author responds quickly to... Read full review

Reviewed The KMPlayer for Windows (32-bit)

Used this player for several years, but I fear it's jumped the shark.
I kept hoping the random crashes would be cured by each new release, but no joy. Worse, as alluded to by several others, it's beginning to suffer feature bloat. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Love this browser, and have for years, but disappointed that Mozilla has drank the Google KoolAid regarding releasing minor improvements as full-point releases. Going from v2 to 3 to 4 was a Big Deal, now it's . Read full review

Reviewed VLC for Windows 3.0.20

Finally fixed the pixellation problem when manually advancing, that's plagued it for eons. Read full review

Reviewed NirLauncher 1.23.64

One of my must-have utility sets. Read full review

Reviewed DisplayFusion 10.0.1 Beta 1

No taskbar on 2nd monitor for the free version? Fail. Read full review

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