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Reviewed jv16 PowerTools

Their open source project to loot their end users has failed, leastways that's what they stated as an excuse for abandoning the project after collecting a nice amount of money which has just disappeared after all. They redesigned the icons in... Read full review

Reviewed Paint.NET 5.0.13 Final

Many bugs has gone, the application itself got faster. Nice job. Read full review

Reviewed Paint.NET 5.0.13 Final

Very user friendly, easy to use, but much too buggy. The previous versions often crashed, than the newer releases sometimes didn't load, the present one refuses to change language even after changing it in the option window. ( Accepts changes in... Read full review

Reviewed The GIMP 2.10.30

My most pleasant surprise. Truly nice work, and to get that free. Thanks a lot for the developer. Fully compatible with all of my PCs, on 3 different OS and language platforms, works without incidents.
Very effective, great for demanding works.... Read full review

Reviewed Kaspersky Internet Security

Unfortunately, KIS newer and newer versions are getting worse and worse.

Basically, their antivirus signatures are among the best that is one thing that raised Kaspersky. But today in modern computing virus definition and its traditional work... Read full review

Reviewed Decrap

This software is harmful, unsafe and surely carries a great risk of harming your PC as it attempts to delete all programs without analyzing or giving evaluation on which of them can be removed safely.

For better and safe result I suggest using... Read full review

Reviewed Decrap (Portable)


I noticed that you have posted the same review word to word on Softpedia site for the same product.

Seeing other review boards for all Macecraft products it seems that those who work for Macecraft, regularly post 5 stars ratings... Read full review

Reviewed Eraser

This software causes more problems than good. Works with incidents, have display problems, crashes when window minimized, and produces more and more incidents and works less reliably after each use and reboot of the PC.
Hard to uninstall i.e.... Read full review

Reviewed fre:ac 1.1.6

Works fine without incidents, won't appear in the Windows control panel, add remove section and uninstall is only possible through its own uninstaller.
I would suggest using a third party uninstaller. I am not going to remove it, though Read full review

Reviewed jv16 PowerTools

Just one warning if I may, please take it from me. The new version has a "Decrap my Computer" feature that promises to mass remove preinstalled bloatware.

This is a cheat, it only serves business purposes for better selling by promising to... Read full review

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