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Reviewed GhostBuster 1.0.8

What the hell is that "ghostbuster.application" file the downlink points to ? plus Windows installer say this app is not signed/not safe ! Read full review

Reviewed GlassWire 3.3.664

Good network monitor, beautifull interface but this is NOT a firewall at all ! all it do is to allow/forbid network access (all or nothing) for selected processes, no proto/IP/in-out direction filtering like standard firewall. Read full review

Reviewed inSSIDer

not freeware anymore ! Read full review

Reviewed FarStone VirtualXP 1.0

Microsoft Disk2VHD sysinternals freeware already do this. Read full review

Reviewed SysInternalsUpdater 2.0.4

Good idea but... WSCC do it since long time and for both SysInternals and NirSoft tools. Read full review

Reviewed ComboFix

Don't ever use this piece of crap it will remove many file that are NOT virus (including some .ini or .xml "clean" files) even entire directories ! Read full review

Reviewed TrueCrypt 7.2

Don't download this 7.2 version !!!! it do not allow to create encrypted volumes anymore since Truecrypt is a dead project, it's only there for people to access already created volumes and migrate them to some other encryption solution.

All... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Mouse without Borders

Excellent ! I tested all other tools like this but this one is very simple, copy&paste text and files, works very well with notebook that you connect/disconnect from network of other machine.

One bug, you can't select network card (only... Read full review

Reviewed Rixler Email Password Recovery Master

Why pay for a simple network sniffer that only job is to filter port 110 POP3 data to show password sent after "pass" POP3 command ? many other free tools can do this.

The IE/Chrome//Opera/FF password recovery is also available for free in... Read full review

Reviewed Custom Icon Design 2.0

This is no software, only icons ! Read full review

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