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Reviewed WavePad for Windows 10.81

Earlier versions were better as they did not time out after a month. You can actually only re-save edits with this a few times now so it really is of little value. Audacity is a bit more sophisticated than the average user would require but... Read full review

Reviewed Revo Uninstaller Free 2.3.8

Revo is generally regarded as the top uninstaller among most tech review sites but there is room for improvement. For some reason Windows 7 prevents me from pinning Revo to my start menu or taskbar and with programs that you will be using... Read full review

Reviewed Screenshot Captor 4.36.2

The average user doesn't need a program as overblown as this for simple screen captors but the real deal breaker for me was that this thing nags worse than my mother-in-law. Read full review


I have to qualify my review by stating that I have only used this program for about half a dozen downloads so far and have not tried a similar program to use as a reference. It seems to work fine with Windows 7 and Firefox and I have had no... Read full review

Reviewed IrfanView 4.67

I have used this program for over a decade and it ranks as my favorite. I like that the developers have resisted the temptation to turn Irfanview into some bloated behemoth. It has racked up millions of downloads because it is a fast and effective... Read full review

Reviewed Foxit Reader

Hilbert brings up some interesting points in his review but personally I don't feel the PDF format was ever designed for the purposes of book reading. I would suggest he convert the books he has in that format to one of the more standard E-book... Read full review

Reviewed Miranda IM 0.10.80

I'm sure everyone has a good chuckle when they read those words "floppy disc". Obviously this is one of those programs that you should run rather than walk away from. Read full review

Reviewed Audiodope 0.26 Beta

I wanted to see how this program stacked up against Audacity and Wavepad. The sound quality was inferior and a couple of the basic menu commands failed to function. I will check it again after they have made some upgrades but for now I must give... Read full review

Reviewed PotPlayer 1.7.21231

The average user might get dizzy looking at all the menu options offered and seeing how many file extensions this program supports but the bottom line is the program is a first rate media player. Read full review

Reviewed Wise Care 365 v6.3.6.614

I can only agree with everyone else that this is an excellent product. Read full review

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