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Reviewed Malwarebytes for Windows

Very useful little utility, simple to use and to keep up to date.
Scans fast and resolves a lot of problems! Read full review

Reviewed LAME 3.99.5

Kudos, LAME is one of best projects ever, one with the widest impact on the digital life of everyone! Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

Opera is the best browser around, light, fast, nice looking, contains a lot of innovative functions like mouse gestures and the rapid access page.
It integrate also a very good mail manager, a lot lighter than Thunderbird, very easy to setup and... Read full review

Reviewed PeaZip 9.5.0

"Still obscure buttons sitting on the status bar like Clipboard, bookmarks and history. WHY are they there?!"
Hmm... maybe to show clipboard, bookmarks and history? :)
Some apps hide them in menu, IMHO too scarcely visible, some others show them... Read full review

Reviewed VMware Server for Windows 2.0 Build 84186 Beta 2

The user interface is bad, slow, unusable, memory hungry, the download is huge 10-20 times bigger than other virtualization solutions.
It don't work properly in many browsers, is not integrated at all in the system's look and feel, don't use... Read full review

Reviewed PeaZip 9.5.0

@ staff u don't mod messages, right? Right?
Why on earth are they called "comments" if someone has nothing to say like this one?
Please, mod comments to keep discussions on topic. Read full review

Reviewed PeaZip 9.5.0

I really like the gui, fast and clean (and gets better at each update), I've just never found a program of this type with so many useful features. Read full review

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