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Reviewed Avira Free Antivirus 15.0.2009.1690

OMFG... I'm a big fan of Avira, but version 10 is a complete abortion. It's painfully obvious that they rushed it through beta testing. There are scores and scores of users who were automatically updated to this crap version and now have slow... Read full review

Reviewed Task Killer 2.30

It's a nice and handy utility, but the former shareware price was just nuts. As freeware, it's worth using. Read full review

Reviewed Explore&Burn 1.7.2

Killing the program? Oh no, so the author will no longer be able to develop and support it for free. How terrible!

Panning software because of its free/pay status is idiotic beyond belief.

I'm giving it a 3 because it still has no queue... Read full review

Reviewed Website-Watcher for Windows 2023 v23.6

The advice to use a Firefox extension instead of WsW is akin to the advice to use AdBlock Plus instead of Ad Muncher. Both recommendations ignore the fact that not everyone uses Firefox, and that both extensions don't do (nearly) everything the... Read full review

Reviewed TagScanner 6.1.13

I assume you are referring to me by "DB", anomoly. I don't understand why, and I don't care. Keep up the ad-hominem nonsense, though, and find out how long it takes to get your account closed.

There is nothing wrong with my previous review.... Read full review

Reviewed CDBurnerXP

Yeah but InfraRecorder has some really annoying bugs whereby it completely ignores the speed settings you specify (on some systems). Read full review

Reviewed SUMo

Why does this pos even exist? I have to study the website carefully to avoid downloading spyware. Then I find that the GUI sucks horribly and works poorly at 120 DPI. It found dozens of updates that aren't, including falsely detecting my HP... Read full review

Reviewed MediaInfo Lite 24.01

I can't stand the full MediaInfo, but I like MediaInfo Lite. Go figure. Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed True Launch Bar 8.0

Although simpletons* who don't even understand what TLB does will never get it, it's a very handy bit of software, with no direct competitor that I know of.

* Take the reviewer above, who says that TLB "allows you to combine your shortcuts into... Read full review

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