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Reviewed BlueStacks for Windows

Not really any big issues, just that' i can not rearrange the appz to my liking and when i play games, their is no option to resize the screen.

I played temple 2 without any issues, i did tick the box for render 2D in the options,

Used... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox (Beta) 104.0 Beta 7

It seems with these beta versions, you get one that works quite smooth and then after a few more beta version, they start running slow!

Especially with flash games, it can go crazy on you sometimes.

After running fox for a few hours, it... Read full review

Reviewed ChrisTV Professional 6.75

With some user intervention -
skip past all these adz.

1./ RelevantKnowleged - Decline - go next.
2./ Delta toolbar - Advance - Untick Box - Untick Box- Untick Box - Go next.
3./ Confirmation - Press cancel.
4./ Special offer 1 - Press... Read full review

Reviewed Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

It feels light and smooth , the start menu is not the best iv'e seen and would like a linux (Start Menu X)

The inteface and file menus, look like most linux clones, at times i feel like im using a old apple mac. I do see options, two change... Read full review

Reviewed Kingsoft Free Antivirus 2012.SP4.0

Very light virus scanner and often keeps you updated for latest definitions.

I am awaiting the 2013 version.

I've tried a great deal of scanners over many years, some are stronger than overs obviously, why is it you need the best scanner... Read full review

Reviewed ImgBurn

Some laptops with burners, have had the yellow icon in the system tray,

it was the upper and lower filets that needed be deleted, system reboot and the burners were working.

That's why this is such a good burner program, it also helps to... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox (Beta) 104.0 Beta 7

I like this version, it is faster than some other release betas.

I have had some issues with firefox before, webpage not loading, i had to go back 1 page and then forwards 1 page for the web page to load properly. Never new the cause of this... Read full review


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Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

fire fox is ok browser, it sticks on webpages and freeze on them, crashes a lot when it does this, but i encounter problems on explorer and chrome freezing on web pages. I use at lest the 3 browsers, when you have Mal ware effecting on one, them... Read full review

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