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Reviewed Tweetz Desktop 0.8.23

It seems the author has since removed additional 3rd party wrapper installer and now all you get is just the program. Read full review

Reviewed CodeLobster IDE 1.10.2

Free version: A few features. Price: Free
Lite version: A few more features. Price: $39.95
Pro version: All features. Price: $119.95

So in reality, this is crippleware and not freeware. Read full review

Reviewed bNotetaker Plus 1.0.001

Is this junk still on fileforum?! LOL Don't download anything from Babya, it's all junk. Read full review

Reviewed Notepad Backup Manager 1.0 Alpha

NOTE 14 Sep 14: Got an email from the author explaining that he used AutoIT, which I know from past experiences may cough up a false-positive on some AV databases(my rating is now adjusted). My concern regarding this is now moot. Thank you... Read full review

Reviewed Tweetz Desktop 0.8.23

All software from this author includes addtional third party programs and or toolbars. Did not try software because I was expecting freeware and not adware/annoyingware/thirdpartyinyofaceware. Shame too, because this author's software looks... Read full review

Reviewed Immersive Explorer 1.2

Regardless of the opinion of the Metro Interface, this program works very well. If you're trying to match up with the Metro Interface, then this is a good fit. I actually enjoyed using this program but grew tired of the update issue I note next.... Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

Bashing aside(trust me, I have many choice colorful words for this Chrome based Opera), there is potential for this Opera if they continue to work with it. My biggest complaint has been the lack of bookmark support and some rendering issues.... Read full review

Reviewed Poet 1.0.5153.26433

Nice and clean interface. Good feature list. Starts a bit slow for me. My only real complaint is that I use Windows 7 without aero themes which means I use classic and I use a dark theme and Poet, while supporting some theme support, does not... Read full review

Reviewed FunMouse

Smells good! Read full review

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