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Reviewed 1by1 v2.06

Current version
1.72, 2010-11-25
Optional full width sliders, adjustable split point
Fixed wrong folder usage on Search
Fixed network folder content display fault
Enabled file delete on search results and in playlist view
Middle button... Read full review


Reviewed SlickRun

Great program for people who dislike having to navigate to the desktop or the quicklaunch to get the program they want to run. It's also great if you don't have any desktop icons like me, since I run utbox (a version of OpenBox for windows)... Read full review

Reviewed Volumouse 2.10

Amazing program. It works just like it is supposed to and once you try it, you will miss it a lot if you go to a computer without it. Such a simple concept and something that could and should have been added to the OS long ago. Nirsoft is great as... Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

Running great so far. Extremely solid for an alpha build. All the stuff I know and love from Opera, with a few nice small changes, like to the menu placements, and few important large changes, the obvious one being the addition of extensions. Once... Read full review


Reviewed nnCron LITE 1.17

Great task scheduler, works just like cron from unix. It is very small, uses almost no resources and just works.

The only issue with it is that there is no way to automatically add programs, you have to manually edit a file, which is... Read full review

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