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Reviewed Directory Opus 12.23

This program is expensive, but in my opinion, worth every penny. I have been using it for years, and every day I still learn a new feature to make my life easier. I manage a lot of source code, documents, images, audio, and video, and Directory... Read full review

Reviewed Universal Media Server for Windows 13.2.1

I stream videos from a local server while I work out on the treadmill. I have limited time, and I want to spend it sweating and not messing around while Windows 10 downloads yet another update, or Plex can't find my movies, Amazon Fire can't... Read full review

Reviewed Highlight for Windows 4.10

I haven't needed a program like this in years, but just on the day when I had to document the logic of a couple of Java programs using pseudo-code, I find out about this program. I'm sure I'll find even more uses for Highlight, but this one use... Read full review

Reviewed Zoom Player FREE (Beta) 19.0 Beta 6

I use Zoom on my Surface Pro 3 to play videos from my main desktop PC. I like it for its simplicity and its touch interface. I don't know about all its advanced features. I don't need to. Just tough the screen to play and pause. Read full review

Reviewed Outlook4Gmail 5.3.3 Build 5000

Until I can at least TRY synchronizing calendars in the free version, I'm not wasting my money on the paid version Read full review

Reviewed TextAloud 4.0.58

I was using version 2.1777. Excellent program, but you really need to purchase voices to get full benefit. You pay for each voice separately. They are not expensive I wanted to read a guy's blog, but there were over 4,000 posts. I didn't want to... Read full review

Reviewed Start8 1.56

I use just about all of Stardock's products on Windows 7. It's worth a minimal fee to add something that I use and bypass something that I have no use for. You can boot up directly into the Desktop and never see the Metro user interface. To me,... Read full review

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