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Reviewed gdipp (32-bit) 0.8.1 Beta

Instead of "no thanks", why not better to submit a bug report? Read full review

Reviewed KDE Software Compilation 4.8

None of you use it, and yet you still fell like you need to bash it and give it zero (if you could) just for the heck of it, sigh... Read full review

Reviewed AbiWord for Windows 2.9.4

Yes, the VC redist stuff is really messed up, and hopefully this bug report will be acted upon some day:


Otherwise, this app isn't bad. Read full review

Reviewed Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 10 Early Access Build 45

Uhum, like you would know about it.

I would belive these resources more then a yell of some YourNick.


http://duartes.org/gusta...mming-and-the-recession Read full review

Reviewed VirtualBox for Windows 7.0.8-156879

Check out this comparison: VMware vs. VirtualBox vs. Parallels

http://infoworld.com/d/v...ows-and-linux-heats-500 Read full review

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