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Reviewed NAPS2 6.1.2

I'm really liking this software. It starts fast, supports profile scanning, it performs exemplary work with OCR as well; not just perfect type, with color images as well. And it's free. They are making some great progress with this. Props to the... Read full review

Reviewed SnagIt for Windows

I previously used SnagIt all the time; it has a lot of interesting features, but after a while I turned away from it because I wasn't using all the functions. I found free alternatives that did 90% of what SnagIt did. I don't see the justification... Read full review

Reviewed Universal Media Server for Windows 13.2.1

I downloaded it, installed it and went through the wizard setup. I added the shared folder with all my media; it doesn't do anything but report to Windows Media Player that it can find UMS; no media is displayed or accessible. Restarted with... Read full review

Reviewed SlimBrowser

I don't use Internet Explorer, but when I have to or when I'm forced to, I choose this interface. Read full review

Reviewed Restore Point Creator 7.1 Build 2

Sir, I like your software. It's simple, to the point, and I can use it with AutoHotKey to schedule weekly restore points and place custom descriptions as I please. Thanks for your efforts. Read full review

Reviewed Greenshot

Effortlessly, this is my favorite screenshot application. I has a lot of options I really like, the mark UPS, the arrows and the obfuscate to blur out those private areas. great application; it replaced my other screenshot applications easy.... Read full review

Reviewed nSpaces 1.3.0

I like to use this application while I'm doing screenshots or videos to have different spaces to work, and to hide the stuff I would normally have. So, far it's okay and the UI could use a polish, but for me; it does what it says. And the price is... Read full review

Reviewed SUMo

I like to use this application to check my system for updated versions from time to time; it's a lot faster than [[Smiling…] going through each application. Since Windows isn't going to have a service to do this for you [like Linux]—... Read full review

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