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I'm gonna wait for version 29. Read full review

Reviewed The Bat! 10.0.5

Does it display images in emails yet? Read full review


Get 2.2.1 here: Read full review

Reviewed WinRAR 6.21

THE top compression program. I have been using it for almost 15 years. The Best ! Read full review

Reviewed FoxMail 7.2.7

Very good mail proggy. Get the 7.0 version from the chinese website. Memory usage of the 7 version is unbelievably low. It uses 24K on my system. Amazing. Read full review

Reviewed Rapid Process Manager 1.7 Beta

Would it be possible to visually show which programs have been suspended?
Thanks again Read full review

Reviewed Rapid Process Manager 1.7 Beta

Seems like a good little app. looks very ugly though. Hard to read the names. Also, make the window resizable, I hate scrolling through lists like this. Read full review


Wow that screenshot is from version 1.3.
Good app Read full review

Reviewed Spotify for Windows

Are they ever gonna add an option to increase font size in this app? Its killing my eyes trying to read anything on my 21in monitor. Horrible Read full review

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