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Reviewed Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector (32-bit) 14.0.6123.5001

It still cannot synchronize an Outlook and a Live Calendar.
It remains therefore useless to me. Read full review

Reviewed Paint Shop Pro

Not my cup of tea because of the ugly dark user interface and the flimsy small buttons on the toolbar. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

I installed it, tested it, loved it !!
Great brower if not the greatest.

One particular feature in IE8 made me go back to IE8 however:
"Close unused folders in History and Favorites".

Maybe it will be added in Opera ? Read full review

Reviewed Paint.NET (Unstable) 5.1 Alpha Build 8930

The changelog still does not show a "magnetic lasso tool".
I will not even try this new version. Read full review

Reviewed 7-Zip 24.07

@ zarggg

Or we have to wait until an archive-genius writes a thorough windows-DLL instead of all these stupid programs with their own stupid user interfaces. Read full review

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