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Reviewed FBackup 8.9.352


I simply DO NOT have to mirror 4 tb of data. If you do then I believe that there are MUCH BETTER ALTERNATIVES than this rubbish software. Try Bvckup (http://www.bvckup.com/).

These ratings are based on the way the software... Read full review

Reviewed FBackup 8.9.352

I used the link to the FBackup home page. I was able to find a link to the "Change Log" buried at the bottom of the home page. The Change Log's last entry is dated Tue... Read full review

Reviewed FBackup 8.9.352

There have been several minor releases since my critical review below. Softland is NOT telling us what has been fixed/addressed in these upgrades. So I guess I will maintain my low rating and "Don't use" recommendation.

Actually, I have... Read full review

Reviewed FBackup 8.9.352

This software caused a really annoying problem on my computer causing me days of effort trying to resolve the issue. I was getting an error with a program called ntdll.dll and every Googled solution had no effect. Good detective work tracked the... Read full review

Reviewed SpeedCommander 19.10.9900

This looks to be quite an ordinary piece of software compared to Xplorer2 (http://fileforum.betanew...l/XplorerA/1125310745/1). Xplorer2 not only seems to be much better but is available as a free version or a USD19.95 paid version. I have... Read full review

Reviewed EmEditor 22.0.0

Still a great text editor. Read full review

Reviewed Bullzip PDF Printer

I have rated this software at 5 stars in the past. Its still good software but the developer is now including crapware. There is a paid version without the crapware but at USD29 it is just too expensive.... Read full review

Reviewed GS-Calc 20.7

Why bother with Micro$oft Office (or even Libra Office)? I use this, GS-Base and Atlantis ( http://goo.gl/NhyrH ) and have a really good "office suite.

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Reviewed FBackup 8.9.352


Who would ever call themselves "DudeBoyz"?

Anyway, his review is rubbish. I have found this product to be quite good. Reliable and does what it says on the box :-)

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Reviewed EditPad Pro 8.1.2

I agree; its an ordinary run-of-the-mill text editor.

Try EmEditor - snippets (clip text) feature makes it very useful and much better and cheaper than UltraEdit.

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