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Reviewed openSUSE 42.3

OpenSuse 11.4 Milestone 5 (KDE 4.6 b2, kernel 2.6.37 RC5, Gnome 2.32.1, LXDE .5.6)

OpenSuse 11.4 Milestone 5 will boot from YAST with all XFCE, LXDE, KDE, and Gnome installed. FXCE won't show up even though programs will. Expect it to freeze... Read full review

Reviewed openSUSE 42.3

11.3 RC2 64-bit review

I didn't have BTRFS, because it is not tested. I know that OpenSuse developers backported all the BTRFS fixes from 2.6.35 kernel including 50 fixes. The OpenSuse developers listened to their community and packaged KDE... Read full review

Reviewed openSUSE 42.3

OpenSuse 11.2 review.

I know I gave the beta a 1 star. I've been playing with Suse Linux 11.2 since November 2009. It saves your butt on laptops. When Ubuntu 9.` DVD stalls and Windows 7 gives you HDD errors during installations; Suse Linux... Read full review

Reviewed GoldWave 6.54

I have a rocketfish USB microphone which is supposed to recognize any OS Win5+ automatically. Goldwave instantly recognizes my microphone. I normally talk in it, delete some tracks by highlighting and punching del button. Then I can raise the... Read full review

Reviewed openSUSE 42.3

OpenSuse 11.2 Milestone 7

OpenSuse 11.1 was fantastic 4.5/5 for me and it booted up without many bugs. For 11.2 Milestone 7, I can't get into the login screen. The 2.6.31 RC9 kernel goes into a panic with a lot of 'fails' and gives me a login... Read full review

Reviewed Fedora Linux v39 Beta

After I installed the Nvidia driver for F11Preview via Yumming it, it eventually booted up after I forced my PC to shut off. I like KDE 4.2.2 a lot, but I also like Gnome 2.26, yet I got the wireless icon on the taskbar on both. Yeah, it's stable.... Read full review

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