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Reviewed WSCC

Love this program, but version 3 is no longer free. It costs $19.95 as per http://www.kls-soft.com/wscc/downloads.php

Version which I'm still using, is great but it seems to miss updates of a few Nirsoft utilities, as well as some newer... Read full review

Reviewed Fences

No longer free. Even the basic version now costs $9.99 Read full review

Reviewed Mouse Hunter 1.71

Actually that error says "Error opening file for writing" for SMW.dll, not SMH.dll as I wrote earlier. Read full review

Reviewed Mouse Hunter 1.71

Superb program - has replaced KatMouse for me, which I used for several years.

Posting a few small issues and suggestions here since the official forum is in Russian. I'm on 32-bit Win7, and always shut down the previously-running instance of... Read full review

Reviewed Free HDD LED 2.01

@sweathog: It's not just eye candy; it serves a useful purpose when your disk lights are hidden away in the computer under the desk, or within the closed screen of a laptop that's connected to external keyboard, mouse and display. Handy to be able... Read full review

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