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Reviewed SDExplorer Beta

I question the statement that this is cross platform. According to the web page, it only works in Windows, granted it work on different versions. That's hardly cross platform. Read full review

Reviewed CCleaner for Windows 6.22.10977

I agree, this is a great piece of software. It does exactly what it is suppose to. It has straightened out several computers that were failing in some respects. I also use it on ever computer brought to me. It has never failed. To those who say it... Read full review

Reviewed Speccy 1.32.803

Running this on my HP laptop running Win XP, the computer locks up numerous times during the hard drive check. It locks up so bad that the mouse won't move, sometimes for several minutes at a time. This happened with this version and the previous... Read full review

Reviewed Trillian for Windows

No mention of Google talk. Kinda pointless with out it.
Apologies... I was on the web page for version 3 and Gtalk wasn't mentioned there. You are correct. Read full review

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