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Reviewed IpfilterX M1-Assizes

Overly complicated program for such a simple task, i.e. buy-ware for morons that don't know better. Use that is updated daily and is totally free. Read full review

Reviewed WinRAR 6.21

Simply the best compression tool available on all major platforms. Besides a great compression ratio there's a wealth of command line options so it can be used for virtually everything like in a backup script. The fact that the program is 20 years... Read full review

Reviewed mIRC 7.63

One of those old time classics that has gone the same way as UltraEdit. Read full review

Reviewed Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) 10 Early Access Build 45

I can't even download this piece of crap that I absolutely need to have but don't want. Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows 10 Final (Official Release)

The basics of Windows is rock steady but there's still too many quirks with apps. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

After switching to Google Chrome back in 2009 I haven't looked back once. Google Chrome offers stable, secure, frequent, features, ease-of-use, updates, to the browser itself. Read full review

Reviewed UltraEdit

Used to be the ultra best editor before it became bloatware and free alternatives appeared like Notepad++. Read full review

Reviewed K-Lite Codec Pack Update 18.3.0

Have used K-Lite Codec pack for years and only one or two times did it fail at decoding a video because it was encoded in an obscure format. Read full review


Reviewed ACDSee Photo Studio Home

This software is obsolete. There are many free alternatives that does the same, even better, like Google Picasa, or even the built-in features of the latest Windows versions like Windows Vista or Windows 7. Read full review

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