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Reviewed FileSearchy 1.42

Crippleware not freeware... Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Windows 2023.006.20380

I use SumatraPDF for all my viewing, but you can't beat the Adobe Reader when it comes to printing. Read full review

Reviewed Start8 1.56

@-Lord-: MS is not bringing back the Start Menu, only the Start Button, which will simply switch you to the Start Screen... Get your facts straight before marking down programs!

Start8 is the best of the bunch when it comes to Start Menu... Read full review

Reviewed StartIsBack 2.1.2

@-Lord-: MS is only bringing back the Start Button, not the menus! The Start Button will simply switch you to the Start Screen.

5/5 To counteract -Lord-'s 1/5... Read full review

Reviewed Start8 1.56

I think this is the best of all the Start Menu replacements. I hate the new ModernUI Start Screen, do not have any need for the overly simplistic Apps and do not have touch on my Desktop PC for practical reasons so was keen to get back the Windows... Read full review

Reviewed ManyCam for Windows

Always sad to see a great freeware program turn into a crippled shareware/pa one :-( Read full review

Reviewed Start8 1.56

Very good program, great value.

While there are free alternatives non capture the full functionality/style of the Windows 7 Toolbar a well as Start8. Also Start8 blends in perfectly with the ModernUI look of Windows 8.

The Start Menu ios... Read full review

Reviewed Free Image Printer 1.0.6

Contains adware, etc. Including a very sneaky one! It also has an advertising built in to the program itself... Read full review

Reviewed Comodo IceDragon

If Comodo are really commited to making a more secure version of Firefox for free then why not just submit the improvements to Mozilla for inclusion in the next version of Firefox! This is just an attempt to gain some users for their Pay... Read full review

Reviewed Fences

This should be listed as commercial demo IT IS NOT FREE!!

Fences 1 was free and does a great job, but it's not worth spending money on it. especially as something similar should have been built into windows to begin with!

I will be sticking... Read full review

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