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Reviewed Spotify for Windows

junk. it should have video. There are a lot of apps that allow you to play tracks and search for them. Read full review

Reviewed Avast Antivirus Free 22.4.7175

easy setup with some changeable options though the sandbox would not work for my three web browsers. Even though it was ti do the google v11 firefox 4 and inernet explorer x64 version 9 and none none of them get the sand-boxing working right. Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1


iso program you recco has win32/open candy which according to AOL blog:
is "an adware designed to monitor your online activity,software and hardware and relay that information anonymously to another computer (could be a... Read full review


I really love Google Chrome. It's better than Internet Explorer. Though it's not 64 bit. I am a bit confused why someone would want this version 9 when there is a version 10 out already of 10.0.634.0 . I feel that that this browser is safer than... Read full review

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