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Reviewed Belarc Advisor 11.5.1

From Quote "TomWibbaert

Reviewing (Jul 14, 2010)

Enormously overrated and overhyped tool.
What Jcookies says is actually correct, some well known Anti-Virus
product will go nuts if you set everything up as this tool advices you."... Read full review

Reviewed FrostWire for Windows 6.11.0 Build 317

This is a great program and keeps getting better. I have been using Frostwire for a few years now and have yet to download a virus. Just have to pay attention to what yo click on before you download. All I download are mp3's so it works for me. No... Read full review

Reviewed ZWCAD 2021 SP1

This must be a really special type of CAD program as you have to request a price quote for it. And no Uninstaller for it. Hmmm! Must be pricey. Read full review

Reviewed FrostWire for Windows 6.11.0 Build 317

I have to say that this is the best P2P program I have ever used. Use it everyday. Works perfect, smooth as glass. It is a shame that MusicGuy is having problems. I can assure him that it is not Frostwire giving him the problems, Maybe there is a... Read full review

Reviewed Halite (x86)

Downloaded and installed this piece of software. The first time I ran it I successfully got a win32:Delf-MZG and a win32:ZBOT-MKK Virus on my system. Took two hours to clean out the system and re- download and install 27 programs. Not much to say... Read full review

Reviewed Ommwriter Dana I

This is a program that I have been looking for years to come out. Unfortunately, it is not for Windows. I can keep on hoping and waiting.. Read full review

Reviewed WirelessKeyView 2.22

Quote "Whats the point in having a wireless key if software like this is freely available so others can get your wireless key." I answer to that, if you have had your system running fine for a long time, you tend to forget your key as it is not... Read full review

Reviewed Spotify for Windows

Looks like it might be worth a try. However, I cannot give it a whirl as I live in CANADA. Due to licensing it is not available in Canada. God I hate Canada at times. Read full review

Reviewed MediaMonkey Beta

There are so many betas of MediaMonkey. I'll stick with Songbird. I guess it all comes down to preference. I will give it a 4 rating because of its features. Read full review

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